2:1 shape

Just a couple shots that happened to look good when cropped into this panorama like format. Please note that all focal length numbers are exif readouts, so the actual focal length will 1,5 times longer.


tidepools, Devils Punch Bowl State Park, Oregon, USA. 26mm; F9; 2s; ISO 100; ND 1,8; (blogpost)


surf at rose spit, haida gwaii, BC, Canada. 18mm; F9; 1/640s; ISO 100;


freightships laying in english bay, Vancouver, Canada. 35mm; F14; 10s; ISO 100;


creek, Rennell Sound, Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada. 18mm; F22; 30s; ISO100; ND 3,0;


driftwood on the beach, Tolowa Dunes State Park, CA, USA. 18mm; F9; 1s; ISO100;


inside passage, BC, Canada. 35mm; F8; 1/60s; ISO100; (blogpost)


stanley park beach, English Bay, Vancouver, Canada. 32mm; F9; 20s; ISO100; ND 1,8; (blogpost)


View on Gospel Island, Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada. 45mm; F8; 1/320s; ISO100;


sunset over the basalt. Pelly River, Yukon Territory, Canada. 18mm; F5,6; 1/100s; ISO 100;


sunset romance, English Bay, Vancouver, Canada. 21mm; F9; 15s; ISO 100; (blogpost)


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