This is something new. The Fuji whatever disposable camera (ISO400, no flash, and I don’t know anything else about it). I took it from vancouver up to the yukon. It has spent several days on several ferries, weeks on the edge of the world, passed through alaska and the yukon and finally died in some londondrugs store in edmonton. Anyway, here we go.

20-hour ferry ride through BC ⇓

photo (21)photo (20)

Haida Gwaii (Edge of the world), BC ⇓

photo (22)

Some island in front of some coffee shop ⇑

photo (19)photo (17)

Tow Hill. The most “edge of the world”-like it ever gets. meters from me, the abyss. also meters from me: a fcking tree. And the deep deep pacific ocean ⇑

photo (16)photo (15)

Beach driving and rain. Yay ⇑

photo (14)photo (13)photo (12)

Rose Spit. “tip of the world”. Once you go out on the spit, water comes from two sides. Looking back like in the picture, you can see the whole island. You go on and on and run out of ground pretty soon. Then you go back ⇑

photo (9)

Pesuta Shipwreck (10k round trip. worth it.) ⇑

photo (8)

30-hour ferry ride through and to alaska ⇓

photo (7)

MS Matanuska ⇑

photo (6)

Port of Ketchikan ⇑

photo (5)

Close to Downtown, Ketchikan ⇑

photo (4)photo (3)

Someplace in the Chillkoot mountains ⇓

photo (2)

Yukon (Pelly River, Stepping Stone) ⇓

photo (1)photo



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