At Roads End State Recreation Site. A Lovely, slightly polluted beach with vacation homes at one side and the pacific ocean on the other side. But eventually the beach turns into cliffs, and suddenly it’s not lovely anymore. It’s wild, rough, with water everywhere and the air tastes like salt. It’s Roads end. I happened to be there on a quite windy but therefor very rainy day (#1). If screwing ND filters on and off your lens in pouring rain while the ocean is trying to get get you off your little rock where you have to fight spray and water from all sides isn’t fun, I don’t know what fun is anymore. 20 seconds of exposure are leveling the ocean to a flat grey and kinda glowing surface as it can be seen in #2 and #3. Once you turn to face the wind, you will never take a clear pictures again – which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In case of #4, water on the lens is intensifying the rainy/foggy look of a brave man walking his dog on the beach. Yes, the dog has a frisbee and yes, he’s a good boy.

On the same day the rain stopped for a minute, spotlighting this small home on the bank of river Siletz (#5). I’ll probably never take such a peaceful picture again.

What feels like another season is in fact just the day after. By hiking up the most muddy path that I’ve ever seen I could get a view on where I’ve been the day before – the rocky outposts in front of the bigger cliff on the left in picture #6. The silenced looking ocean is due to 5 seconds of exposure. Of course there also is an eagle – increasing the level of americaness by about 9000 points (#7).

Later that day: First real sunset I’ve seen for a long while (#8). Cheers to the unknown couple for romanticizing this photo. And finally #9, just a very calming pacific ocean doing what it’s doing every day in every year – lookin fine af.


PS: Anyone noticed the gun laying next to Carl the Bonzai in the last post?


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