[english] It’s been more than a week in Vancouver now, time to get some pictures on the screen. I spent a fair amount of time looking on english bay, which is why five out of six pictures are showing english bay. Another reason is that there are always a couple freightships floating around looking good, no matter in what light. So we have them in that really grey and cloudy but not foggy kind of weather you get near the coast (1 & 2) and in that really romantic moment (pic 4) between day and night where you can’t get your eyes off the horizon, wondering where each and every one of them might possibly go (5). Looking from the other side, the lights of westside vancouver arise from english bay beach and sunset beach park (piture 6). A little bit out of context is passage island (3), which can be seen during the ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen island.

Also there is a new project going on, where I take pictures I made and crop them in a ratio of 2:1 instead of 3:2, making them look more dramatical. Probably worth a look: 2:1 project

[deutsch] Graue Tage (1&2) | Passage Island | Sonnenuntergang über english bay (4&5) | Blick auf westside vancouver


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