one and a half year later

Well ok so this is awkward. I forgot about this blog for about 18 months. But thats ok, because here I am. SO MUCH STUFF happened in the meantime. Let's continue where I left off, kodak tri-x, the darkest of nights, street photography. winter 2019 in paris: summer 2019, paris: fall 2019, hamburg:

night out

This has been my first "let's do street photography" attempt. In the sense of going out for no other reason than that. It was about midnight and really dark, and I figured I'd go to a place where a lot of light is, so I started out in a very crowded place with loads of…Read more night out


This is something new. The Fuji whatever disposable camera (ISO400, no flash, and I don't know anything else about it). I took it from vancouver up to the yukon. It has spent several days on several ferries, weeks on the edge of the world, passed through alaska and the yukon and finally died in some…Read more Disposable.